Schedule of Events

Board Meetings - 2016
Held on every other second Sunday, 4 p.m.

Sept. 11 - Location TBA
Oct. 9 - Location TBA
Nov. 13 - Location TBA

WNA General Meetings - South Elkorn Baptist Church
Oct. 17 - 7 p.m.
May 23, 2017

Yard Sale

Tailgating on the Square
August 7

Cleanup and Care

To volunteer please call Cathy Davis, cleanup committee chair, at 806-9444. or email her at

June - Donna & Steve Rardin

Tailgating on the Square

The WNA Ice Cream Social will be TAILGATING ON THE SQUARE this year at 3840, 3847, 3848 Wyse Square.

3 – 6 p.m., Sunday, August 7    

(Rain date is August 14)

BYOJF (Bring Your Own Junk Food) to share … and DRINKS!

  • Pickle Ball
  • Treehouse
  • Games
  • Water Activities
  • Tables and chairs for catching up with friends and neighbors




Call MARILYN HITCHNER (253 0369) or 

DORIS ROSENBAUM (233-3601) if you wouold like to help.

Missing a Cap from New Zealand?

Is anyone missing a gray and black knit cap from New Zealand? We found one on the sidewalk and have placed it on the hydrant in front of 2586 Edgehill.

2016 Bloom Contest

The 2016 "Lexington in Bloom" contest is underway. It is a biennial event with which you may already be familiar. It is sponsored by the Lexington Council Garden Clubs with an aim to acknowledge gardens and displays of note in the community that can be seen from the street, which in most cases, means front yards. 


We encourage neighborhood associations to enter your own entrances as well as encourage your communities to bring to our attention those hidden gems which may include an entire front garden, containers in front of businesses, a front yard vegetable patch, a community garden, a butterfly garden, etc. 


Go to our website: and click on "Lexington in Bloom" for online entry forms and photos of 2014 winners. 





Thank you!



Elizabeth Pattengill, Chair

2016 Lexington in Bloom

Lexington Council Garden Clubs


Wednesday between 8:45 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. 3848 Wyse Square was robbed.  There was a car sitting on the street on Sunday night across from 3849 at 11:30 p.m.  It left before it could be identified.  Please leave your lights on all night at least the rest of this week.  It is the last week of Keeneland and we have historically had numerous thefts at this time.

Doris Rosenbaum will be giving the video feed to the police, but please call Doris (859-233-3601) with the time and description of all suspicious vehicles.


After a recent remodel of my home, I bought both a mold and radon test because of morning headaches. My home (ranch on a crawl) failed miserably on the radon test – 16.3pci ( less than 4pci is desirable) !! I chose Jeff Brittingham from Bluegrass Radon Systems for mitigation. He did a superior job – my level now reads that of fresh air – less than .3pci!! Headaches were gone the very next morning after installation, and since then! Radon is bad stuff, and Westmorland has higher than average levels.  I would encourage all residents to pick up a FREE radon test from the health dept on Newtown Pike.

Jeff is very knowledgeable and concerned about health issues surrounding radon in homes. In lieu of a referral fee – he and I agreed to pass that on to Westmorland residents. He will deduct $150 from your invoice for Radon mitigation. Our gift to you and better health!

His contact info: Jeff Brittingham, Bluegrass Radon Systems,

Belinda Doty
3825 Karen Court

The Yalkut property at 3716 Salisbury Dr. will be auctioned on April 11

The Yalkut property at 3716 Salisbury Dr. will be auctioned on April 11, Fayette County MC Sale.  Larry Hitchner went to the sheriff’s office and obtained this information:  The current appraisal is $ 250,000.  If you go by the 2/3 of value rule, the bidding should start around $165,000.  There are 3 tax liens to pay in addition which amount to about $10,000.Larry Hitchner went to the sheriff’s office and obtained this information:  The current appraisal is $ 250,000.  If you go by the 2/3 of value rule, the bidding should start around $165,000.  There are 3 tax liens to pay in addition which amount to about $10,000.Please note the notification. We hope that this sale goes to a buyer willing to restore the property responsibly. ???

I have been getting emails that say a neighbor has signed up as a member of the Nextdoor website. I took a look at this website a couple of years ago, and although it looked pretty good, I decided to keep the WNA-LEX.ORG site. We have complete control of it and we can offer more features. I dropped my membership and informed them that we would not be using Nextdoor.

At the time I thought their approach was legitimate, but I'm not so sure now. I have tried to "unsubscribe" to their emails which is an impossability unless you "sign-in" first. I declined because I didn't want them to have my email address verified. There is no other way to contact them. Today I got a card in the mail that said Lindsay Weller on Gloucester had joined and I should, too. No one by that name is in our directory. I did a Internet search and found information about them that all Westmorlanders should read:

Annual Dues

Thanks to the 70% of the WNA homeowner's who have already paid their yearly dues.

If you haven't paid yet, please send your check in the amount of $150.00, made out to Westmorland Neighborhood Association, and mail to Ginger Cord, Treasurer, at 3824 Margo Court, Lexington, KY 40510. Thanks again for your prompt replies. 

Architectural Review

With Spring quickly approaching some of you may be planning additions, modifications or renovations to your property. Please remember prior to applying for a county permit, you need to submit your plans to the Westmorland Architectural Review Committee for review as necessary according to your deed restrictions. Check your deed for any easement restrictions you may have for your individual lot or take a look at a consolidation copy of the various deed restrictions HERE. If you have questions during the planning process they can be directed to Robert Mudd 859-255-5003 and Robert Riggs 859-277- 7078. 

There is a simple one page modification form which needs to be submitted prior to taking any actions on the property. The form is available HERE. The form is submitted to the Chair of the Architectural and Deed Restrictions Committee. The Committee presents its recommendation to the WNA Board for action and will respond promptly. 


I will explain the rumbles we are sensing in the afternoons around 3:30 pm. Eric Frankl, the Bluegrass Airport executive director, asked that I share the following information as he was concerned that their public notifications were not getting to their closest neighbors who would be most aware of what is going on.

BGA is building a new public safety facility that includes the fire and emergency services. The facility is being constructed on a site that requires a substantial amount of fill material to bring the building pad to an appropriate elevation. 
BGA is quarrying rock from a location just South of the General Aviation runway which lies across Versailles Rd from Westmorland. The blasting operations, which started this week and will continue for several more weeks, are being monitored by the appropriate officials for compliance with acceptable practices. 

Rob Mudd