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Schedule of Events

Board Meetings - 2015

March 8, 5 p.m. - Jeff Richeson
May 3, 5 p.m. - Doris Rosenbaum
July 12 5 p.m. - Ginger Cord
Sept. 13, 5 p.m. - Lynn True

WNA General Meetings - South Elkorn Baptist Church
May 14 - Thursday, 7 p.m
Oct. 8 - Thursday, 7 p.m.

Cleanup and Care

To volunteer please call Bettie Bosworth, cleanup committee chair, at 502-382-6862. or email her at

February - Bettie Bosworth
March - Kathy & J.W. Yates
August - Mike & Sherry McCann

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Street Repaving

Hello everyone in Westmorland ,

I talked to the man in charge of the street re-surfacing this morning and he said they intend to start tomorrow  in our neighborhood and will continue through the end of next week working on the streets.
Please  keep all vehicles  off the street for the next week or while they are working.
I do not have the correct e-mails for everyone so please share the information with your neighbors and friends.
If you have questions, please call me at 859-233-3601 or e-mail.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Doris Rosenbaum
President WNA

Ice on the South Elkhorn

Here is how the South Elkhorn Creek looked the morning of Feb. 19 behind Doris Rosenbaum's house.





Construction of Kentucky’s Largest Solar Facility Has Been Approved

The solar facility was announced in the recent KU newsletter that came with your bill. Here's the story.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission approved KU's request to construct what will be the state's largest solar photovoltaic facility in Mercer County at the utility's E.w Brown Generating Station.

The 1 a-megawatt solar facility is expected to go online In 2016 and cost $36 million

The solar array Will consist of solar panels and associated transformers, switches and other equipment. The number of solar panels will be driven by the final desiqn of the solar array selected from the competitive bidding process. KU will own 61 percent of the array and its sister utility, LG&E, will own the remaining 39 percent – a split based on the relative load of the two utilities dunnq daylight hours.

The new facility is part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a diverse generation portfolio that provides safe, reliable, least-cost energy to the communities we serve. 

Westmorland Streets

WNA's newly elected president, Doris Rosenbaum, talked recently to Bill Osborn, who is in the County Roads Resurfacing Department, about the street paving in the neighborhood.
She reports that the neighborhood is on the docket for the rest of the streets to be paved sometime after April, 2015.

Missing a Cat?

For the last couple of months there has been a gray cat like a tabby hanging around our house. The cat is well groomed and appears to be pretty well fed. Last night and this morning (Jan. 14, 2015) the cat is sitting on my deck wanting to come in. We have not been feeding it. If you are missing a cat, call me…Robert Riggs, 277-7078.

Storm Drain Repair

Road Repair.jpg

A depression in the street on Westmorland Rd. was caused by the storm drain. A repair crew was hard at work Monday, Oct. 27, fixing the drain and street.

Trash and Grass May End Up in a Neighbor’s Back Yard

A number of the storm drains that line our streets empty into back yards. Ultimately, the water winds up in Elkhorn Creek which borders the north and east sides of Westmorland. This has cost considerable time, money, and frustration for some residents. Grass clippings from yard mowing, leaves and sticks clog and obstruct the drains and most likely promotes rapid algae growth in the creek. So…PLEASE DO NOT BLOW OR LEAVE YOUR GRASS CLIPPINGS IN THE STREETS. Also, refrain from throwing cans and other trash into the street.

October General Meeting Set

As I thought might happen, the WNA General Meeting has been pushed back to Thursday, Oct 23 @ 7:00 PM due to availability issues with the South Elkhorn Baptist Church meeting room. This is firm now. Stay involved in your neighborhood Board’s decisions. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Doris Rosenbaum, chairperson of the nomination committee, at 233-3601, or any current Board member.

Four new Board members will be elected at this meeting.

Also come to meeting and meet the candidates for our state legislative district.

Mike Kauppi

Westmorlanders’ Books

Hitchner Book Hitchner

Westmorland Has New Local Author


Long-time WNA resident Marilyn Hitchner, who has lives at 3848 Wyse Square, recently published her first book with


You Can’t Take It To Hell With You relates a composite of emotions and explosions experienced while settling an estate. The old house that sheltered three families narrates a story of families torn apart by grief and greed, with “forgiveness” as the formula for reunification. An appendix includes record-keeping charts to help organize all essential information for yourself, your parent(s), or an adult in your care. An Estate checklist is also included.


A more complete description, as well as a sample of the book is available at Type in Marilyn Hitchner or You Can’t Take It To Hell With You in the search box then hit enter or simply click here. Instructions are included for downloading the book to alternate devices (iPad, etc.) other than Kindle.




KET Story


The KET Story


Len Press, one of Westmorland's original residents and founder of KET, has written an interesting book about the beginnings of the Kentucky network. You can pick the book up on Amazon (CLICK HERE).


Amazon has this description of the book:

"In The KET Story, author O. Leonard "Len" Press traces the genesis of Kentucky Educational Television from its early planning stages around 1958 to the sign on of the network on September 23, 1968 and continues on for the next quarter century, with insights into the current-day leading educational network of our nation. Mr. Press recounts his first-hand story of how Kentucky Educational Television was born, was nurtured during the "campaign years" from 1958-1968 and grew into its destiny of becoming an instrument for improving and enriching the lives of young and old alike. Readers will enjoy taking the often-bumpy journey with Mr. Press, beginning when he and his wife Lillian left Boston on a "one-year adventure" and ended up. . .Kentuckians. Mr. Press tells us how literally thousands of citizens at all levels of influence from the schoolhouse to the state house became engaged, and without whose persuasive and persistent voices KET would still be an egg trying to hatch. You will find the start-up years particularly fascinating, starting with Mr. Press's introduction to Governor Bert T. Combs, his gamble into Kentucky politics, his adventures with Governor Edward T. Breathitt, and the account goes on."






Sid Webb, who has lived at 2622 Westmorland Rd. since 1999, published his father's last novel. It is also available on Amazon (CLICK HERE). Here is the blurb Amazon has for it:




"This all but forgotten manuscript, surfacing again nearly sixty years after its creation, is set in a small Kentucky village nearly one hundred years ago, but it's message is universal, much like that of Mark Twain's Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Tommy's troubles lead him to enlightenment; an understanding of right and wrong and the nuances of gray that can exist between them. This is a coming of age novel by a Kentucky writer that both younsters and adults can enjoy."


Sid's father wrote poetry, stories about the wild West, and mystery stories, mostly during the 1940s and early 1950s. For more information about his father, James Webb, go to




All of these neighbors would appreciate it if you went back to their book listing on Amazon and wrote a brief review of the book after reading it. 



Free Library

Katherine Imhoff created a small, free public library in front of her house. Great idea!